Your order will arrive with a new Obi device, set of pressure switches, plate, placemat, two spoons and a charging cable. The box will also contain the user manual, quick start guide, and welcome sheet with information necessary to setup and use Obi.

Obi accommodates a spectrum of people who have difficulty feeding themselves. Please ensure potential users possess the ability to safely, and successfully, operate Obi as well as the ability to chew and swallow without assistance. The following describes the intended users:

Users may have the follow medical conditions:
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital (AMC) Cerebral Palsy
Essential Tremor
Muscular Dystrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Spinal cord injury
Other conditions impairing upper extremity motor control

Intended User Population:
5 years and older
Cognitive capability to operate a simple machine
Ability to make decisions about food selection and consumption
Ability to chew and swallow & move head to reach spoon
Ability to move a part of their body to activate a switch (hands, feet, knees, shoulders, head, etc)

Almost any food can work with Obi as long as it is prepared correctly! We recommend that solid foods be between the size of a pea and grape to insure that Obi can properly pick the food up with the spoon. Larger solid foods should be cut to these sizes. Sticky foods, such as mac & cheese or mashed potatoes may result in larger bites due to their consistency. You can add extra creme, butter, cheese or broth to make sure the food
doesn’t clump together. Liquid foods such as soup, stew, cereal, pudding, etc all work well! Most of our users find a way to eat what they want!

Obi comes with two spoons, one “large” and one “small”. The difference in the spoon size can be seen in the depth of the utensil. From above, the spoons are the same dimensions. User preference usually dictates which spoon is used, but we typically recommend the larger spoon for more chunky or cumbersome foods.

Obi is programed to precisely scoop parallel to the shape of the bowl and the spoon shape and size are designed to accommodate the movement and capture a complete bite. Compared to a fork, a spoon allows for a much more precise capture of the food. Additionally, almost anything you can eat with a fork you can also eat with a spoon!

Obi’s spoon was designed with safety in mind. Obi’s spoon adheres to the arm with a magnet that results in the spoon flexing or falling off if it is met with force. This can be frustrating for some clients who may bite down or have spasticity in their head and neck. On occasion, we have been asked if the spoon and be somehow adhered to the arm. Unfortunately, we cannot adhere the spoon to the arm for safety reasons which may mean that certain individuals are not suitable candidates for Obi.

The fill line is the raised line inside of the four bowls. When plating food in Obi’s bowls, please insure to fill the bowls to the designated fill line at the start of the meal. If you don’t fill to the fill line, you may experience empty scoops or overfilled

After 6 scoops in a bowl, Obi will scrape the sides of the the bowls and reposition the food to make sure the food is in the middle of the bowl. This feature cannot be initiated by the user, it will happen automatically.

After eating from the Spoon, either the Deliver Switch or the Choose Switch can be activated. Press the Deliver Switch to return the Arm to the same Bowl. Press the Choose Switch to return the Arm to a different Bowl.

If the diner initiates a Return Command (presses any button) immediately before or after the Spoon arrives at the food delivery location, the Arm will dispense the food back in the proper Bowl.

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