Funding & Reimbursement

We know Funding & Reimbursement can be a confusing piece of the puzzle, but we are here to help!

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Many of Obi’s users have had success with reimbursement including:

We are pleased to have partners in every state who are available to arrange facility trials, in-services, assist with funding/insurance reimbursement and provide day-to-day assistance to both the diners and their clinicians. If you are interested in pursuing reimbursement, please contact us and we will be happy to connect you with one of our partners in your area!

Reimbursement Process Overview:

  • Step 1
    Contact Obi. »
  • Step 2

    Obi will connect you with a DME partner in your area to arrange a trial.

  • Step 3

    Complete evaluation and documentation with your clinician.

  • Step 4

    DME partner submits reimbursement package.

  • Step 5

    If approved, delivery will be arranged by DME partner.

Coverage varies from state to state. Keep scrolling for other ways to fund Obi. 

Clinicians: Visit our Clinician Resource page for more info on how to help your patients get an Obi. 

Veterans Administration

Obi Robot is proud to be a contracted vendor on the Federal Supply Schedule, which means that qualifying Veterans can get Obi at no cost.

We are honored to work with the Veterans Health Administration network to provide independent eating to our Veterans!

Advocacy Groups & AT Programs

Various Advocacy Groups and Assistive Technology Programs may have loan closets with Obi or they may have grants to help pay for Obi. For a list of programs in your state, please contact us!

Other Ways to Fund Obi

School & University Funding

Schools and Universities may have funding to provide assistive technology for students. Check with your educational institution’s Assistive Technology or Special Education department for more info.


We have many users who have had success with funding Obi by crowdfunding.

Luca’s Success Story: We met Luca traveling to one of our favorite trade shows, the annual Arthrogryposis convention through AMCSI. He and his family instantly fell in love with Obi. His family setup a GoFundMe page and within 14 hours, they reached their entire goal!!

Click here to view Luca’s GoFundMe campaign!

Workers Compensation

Obi has been funded by Workers’ Compensation in various states. If your need for Obi is a result of a workplace injury, please contact your Workers’ Compensation representative.

Accident Funds

Contact us for more if you have coverage by an accident fund.

Research Study Opportunity: Are you interested in trying Obi and participating in a research study? Get more info here.

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