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Thank you for your service!

Obi Robot is proud to be a contracted vendor on the Federal Supply Schedule, which means that qualifying Veterans may receive Obi at no cost. 

We are honored to work with the Veterans Health Administration network to provide independent eating to our Veterans!




In-Home and Facility Trials are available for Veterans!

Veterans and VA Clinicians can request to try Obi at their VA Facility or in the comfort of their own home! Submit a request below and our dedicated team will contact you right away!


 There are several ways for our Veterans & VA Clinicians to try Obi!

Trial Obi with your Clinician at your VAMC

Trial Obi in the comfort of your home! Available for approved telehealth appointments with your VA clinician.

Let us show you Obi, virtually!

Due to Covid, many Veterans are doing telehealth evaluations with Obi and their VA clinician! Obi is simple to use and many Veterans & clinicians are enjoying this convenient option.

Alan, USAF Veteran

 David H.’s Testimony

“Having ALS for this many years, every 6 to 12 months I have to reinvent myself… Obi sits in the co-pilots chair down in man-town. We take it to restaurants and different people’s houses. Having something like Obi, to me, keeps me motivated, to keep going, to do something. I feel like I was chosen with this diagnosis because I believe I can make a difference.

– David H.

U.S. Veteran David J. Uses Obi

“Today my husband David received his Obi feeder from the VA -ALS. We call it David’s Obi-Wan, his Star Wars companion. It is the coolest thing ever. It helps David feed himself. I have been having to feed him for the past almost month now mostly, he can’t use silverware due to the motion…. He used it first time tonight for supper and it worked so well. And it was great having his daughter here to share this joy for her dad to be able to feed himself again.

– Peggy, David’s Wife

“I’m a US Navy Veteran with ALS and recently received my Obi. As a result of eating with Obi’s assistance, I’ve been able to maintain my weight and, of equal importance to me, I’m able to eat independently and enjoy dining with my family. Please know Obi is much more than a product you sell; Obi is a means to independence and restored joy while eating.”

There are several ways to experience Obi to see if it is right for you, your patient or loved one!