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Obi transforms the lives of our pediatric users in numerous ways. Many of our pediatric users rename Obi (like Will who calls his Wall-E) and they use the device at school and home.

Without the shadow of a caregiver, our pediatric users are able to enjoy the important social aspect of eating with friends and family with confidence and autonomy to chose what they eat and when.

”Before I had the Obi, I had to be fed and I kind of felt like a baby, but with this, I can feed myself, so I don't feel like a baby."

”Obi goes where Tenley goes, and she says she feels more comfortable and safer having some control. 'Now no one puts the spoon too far in my throat,' she says."

"Technology and Tenacity Are Keys to Tenley's Independance"


Eating should be independent, relaxing, social, fun, exciting, personal, leisurely… and so much more! Obi makes it possible. We’ve seen first hand how Obi transforms the lives of our users and their families in so many ways.

See below for a few stories.

”Obi has given me back the ability to feed myself and has helped me gain back ten pounds.
This is the first time I've ever gained something since my diagnosis."

– David’s Testimony 

– Kevin’s Testimony 


Obi Robot is proud to be a contracted vendor on the Federal Supply Schedule, which means that qualifying Veterans can get Obi at no cost.

We are honored to work with the Veterans Health Administration network to provide independent eating to our Veterans!


Mealtime is an important part of any family dynamic or relationship. Obi frees a caregiver up to enjoy mealtime and gives them back time in their busy day.

"Obi has benefited the whole family. The time I used to spend feeding Grace can now be spent taking care of all three of my kids. It's great feeling like a mom again!"

Research Study Opportunity: Are you interested in trying Obi and participating in a research study? Get more info here.

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