After years of designing and refining our robotic dining companion, you’d think a deciding on a name would be a relatively easy process. Think of a few catchy words, find some that are fitting, and see what sticks, right? Not so fast. A name is, after all, the identity of something. It’s a first impression, a one-second-summary of the promise that a product holds.

In any case, a name is a big deal. In our case, it was an evolution. Roughly 2,000 names were considered in the exploration for our brand identity. We wanted our robot’s name to mean something. Something beyond the literal; something that encompassed more. Enter Obi.


Obi is a truncation of the word obeisance, which means, “A movement of the body expressing deep respect or deferential courtesy.” This word embodied so much of what we wanted our product to stand for, primarily our utmost respect for those using it.

Obi is a technological breakthrough with goals to revolutionize the assistive technology realm. Too often, assistive aid products are built with function over form and thus has created a “beggars can’t be choosers” mentality; and we want to destroy that mentality. Obi is here to show the world that you can create exceptional products and still invest the time to ensure they work just as beautifully.

To say that our respect for our users is at our foundation is an understatement. Our product was designed with the user in mind first and foremost. The user is at the core of all we do; they’re the reason why Obi was invented in the first place. So isn’t it fitting that the name embodies this pride and sense of reverence as well? We definitely think so.

Obi enters the assistive technology realm being rooted in our customers’ needs and desires for independence. We are not absent-minded to the fact that many users would prefer to not need Obi in the first place. But as we see lives being changed with the help of Obi, we take a bow of respectful courtesy to those who have found dining independence with the help of our robot. We pay obeisance to our users, because truly, we hold the highest respect for them all.

So with that, we ask ourselves, “What’s in a name?” Turns out, quite a lot. In Obi’s case, it embodies the essence of our revolutionary robot and all that we hope to be in the lives of those who need it most.

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