When you look around your city, your neighborhood and even your own home, you might discover that robots are all around us in more ways than you’ve realized. From the Roomba in your living room to the technology used in manufacturing every day products – robots continue to be on the rise as technology evolves. But how many of these robots provide value to us in truly meaningful ways? While we have robots that can dance, play and entertain, there are so many incredible innovations that robots could bring to the table in terms of health and home care, personal assistance and more.

As the robotics field continues to evolve, a new interest in helpful consumer robotics has emerged, creating robots on a consumer scale rather than those that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to singularly produce. While we’d all love a $150,000 robot to help us fold our laundry or prepare food, the current model isn’t sustainable to help people on a mass scale. We know the need is there to have robots provide value to people every day – and now the new robotics revolution to create useful robots is changing the industry to provide value beyond the more traditional robots of old.


Robotics pioneer Rodney Brooks (infamously known for creating the Roomba and roadside bomb disposing PackBot) agrees with us – and recently shared with the BBC how he’d like to see the industry move from championing “cute” robots to instead focus on creating useful robots that help individuals lead healthier, more productive lives. While he himself has created some of the most helpful robots in recent history, he hopes to see great advances in assistant robots for baby boomers and disaster response robots in the near future. He tells the BBC, “No one wants cute robots – it’s all about doing real tasks to make people’s lives easier.” Clearly, we couldn’t agree more!


We’re proud to be pioneering Obi as a dignified dining companion, creating a robotic product that’s not only useful to those living with disabilities or medical conditions, but is also affordable to customers for personal use. Useful robots are here to stay, and we’re excited to be pioneering robotic technology that not only looks beautiful, but works beautifully too. We anticipate that useful robotic assistants will continue to be on the rise in the coming years – whether in the form of personal assistants, task managers, or health care assistants, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of the technological curve here at DESiN. While Obi’s our first ground-breaking product, we anticipate that this is only the beginning of creating innovative and meaningful products that not only help individuals, but also our society as a whole.


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