Fulfilling basic human needs through technology.
This is where the vision for Obi was born.

A see-through prototype of the Obi eating aid shows all the motors, wiring and parts inside the self feeder.
Technical illustration shows that the Obi feeding device measures 12 inches deep by 6 inches tall when fully collapsed.
Technical illustration shows that the Obi feeding device measures 17 inches tall and 17 inches wide when fully extended.
Dimensions (Transport Position): 30.5cm X 43.2cm X 15.2cm (12” X 17” X 6”)Weight: 3.49kg (7.7lbs)

Max Food Content: 16 fl. Oz. (4fl oz / bowl, up to max fill line)

Max Speed: 15RPM

Global Identifier (GTIN): 0869174000106

Safety Features
Collision Detection – arm stops and backs away at a benign stress when in motion.Compliance – arm moves in the direction of external forces with stationary.

Detachable Spoon (Magnetic) – Spoon detaches easily with collision or misuse.

Water and particulate ingress resistant (IP21)

Diner – Dual female 3.5mm barrel jack – mono

  • Choose Food Bowl
  • Deliver Food
Caregiver – Touch Activated Sensors

  • Power Button
  • Teach Button
  • Teach Icon
Diner Controls / Switches
  • Buddy Buttons (Included)
  • Microlight
  • Sip N Puff
  • Pillow Switches
  • Pad Switches
  • Etc.
Patented Optimal Food Capture Methodology
  • Multi-directional Food Capture
  • Portion Control
  • Food Repositioning
  • Spoon Wiping
  • Minimum jerk motion profile
Food Delivery Positions
Max Food Delivery Height (above mounting surface): 38.1cm (15.3”)Lowest Food Delivery Height (below mounting surface): 5.0cm (2.0”)

Max Food Delivery Reach (from edge of Plate): 40.64cm (16.0”)

  • All Foods and liquids are compatible with Obi.
  • Prepare / Cut to ¾” X ¾” X ¾” or smaller. Larger sizes will decrease capture efficacy.
Plastic Enclosure
  • PC/ABS, 94V-0 flame class rating
  • Non-Slip Surface: Thermoplastic Elastomer (Latex & nat. rubber free)
  • Adhesive: Medical Grade Epoxy (ISO-10993)