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Step 1: How would you like to pay for Obi?

Includes one Obi robotic dining companion, one set of Pal Pad switches, one plate and placemat, two magnetically attaching spoons (small and large), and charging cable.

Purchase Obi


Lease Obi for 18 months


$1750 Security Deposit

Rent Obi Monthly


$1250 Security Deposit

Step 2: How will you operate Obi?

Obi comes with one set of Pal Pad switches. If different switches are desired, other options are listed below. With the exception of the Sip/Puff switch, Obi requires two switches to operate. One switch selects the desired food bowl, and a second switch delivers the food to the diner’s mouth. If you prefer to operate Obi with different switches that are not listed, Obi’s switch ports are 3.5mm barrel jack (headphone jack) compatible.

Breath Activated

Sip/Puff Switch with Gooseneck


**For sanitary reasons, the Sip/Puff Switch is not available for trial demos and is also non-returnable once opened.

Body Activated

Buddy Button Switch


Micro Light Switch


Curious how the switches work?

Step 3: Would you like additional equipment?

Additional Pal Pad – Blue


Additional Pal Pad – Green


Additional Small Spoon


Additional Large Spoon


Additional Plate


Additional Placemat


Additional Charging Cable


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