When we’re not working on product innovations, you can often find us traveling across the country to attend various conferences and expos showcasing all that Obi can do for potential users and caregivers! We recently had the pleasure of attending the 2016 AMCSI National Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma a few weeks back to introduce Obi to the AMCSI community. Not only did we get to meet some incredible people, families and caregivers amongst the AMC community, but we also were able to demonstrate Obi to show how our technology can help create a more independent life. The result? Let’s just say that we had a few people’s eyes light up when they saw all that Obi could do. To us, that’s the most rewarding part of what we do!


If you’re not familiar with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, it’s known to be a rare genetic condition that affects only 1 in 3,000 babies each year. This results in decreased flexibility in the joints, also known as contracture, which can cause stiff joints and muscle weaknesses in wrists, elbows hands and more. Depending on the severity, the contractures can cause difficulty with feeding oneself, causing the individual to rely on a caregiver or family member. Also, because AMC is such a rare condition, often doctors misdiagnose or are simply unaware of what AMC is. That’s where the AMCSI community comes in to really make a huge impact in the lives of those with AMC!

AMCSI is a nonprofit organization created by a mother with a vision to provide information and support to those affected by Arthrogryposis. From families to patients to those in the medical community; each year, the nonprofit hosts a conference to share information and education about AMC – highlighting product innovations, new research and create a supportive environment to host workshops for families experiencing AMC firsthand. We were floored by how kind, supportive and welcoming the AMCSI community was during the four-day conference – and we learned so much about the disorder and heard some truly inspiring stories about the families and children that we met.


It was pretty incredible to bring Obi to the conference to meet those who could benefit from experiencing dining independence for the first time in their lives. It’s conferences like this, and the amazing people that we meet, that keep us going day after day. A big thanks to AMCSI for having us and all the families we met over the conference – we’re excited to see you next year for the next big event! If you know anyone who has Arthrogryposis or you believe in the great work that AMCSI is doing, please share this post – we’d love to bring awareness to such a worthwhile organization doing so much good across the US.

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