There are big months, and there are BIG months – and to say that August was one of the biggest for Obi would definitely be an understatement! After working with our incredible PR firm, we launched our first major press release to introduce Obi to journalists, online publications and more. While we’ve always been excited about Obi and everything our robotic companion can do – we were floored by how many notable publications picked up our story to share with their readers, listeners and subscribers. After just a few weeks, we had over 40 articles written about Obi from acclaimed publications like Digital Trends, CNET and even NPR. Not only did they all have positive things to say about how Obi can help people lead more independent lives, but they also shared a little bit more about the story of DESiN and how Jon’s passion for helping his grandfather lunched Obi into the device it is today.


From radio shows to viral Facebook videos, it’s been a wild ride the last few weeks as we saw Obi get picked up by press across the nation. One of the most exciting press placements we received was a radio interview with NPR. Jon had his radio debut, sharing a the story of how Obi has been a labor of love for the past 6 years –  starting with a simple idea to help his grandfather (who was diagnosed with a neuromuscular degenerative disease similar to Parkinson’s) feed himself, to becoming an R&D 100 awards finalist today. It was pretty incredible hearing Obi’s story on a national program, and we’ve been excited by all the positive feedback we’ve received from people across the country learning about Obi for the first time.


Another exciting moment was seeing our Obi introduction video picked up by NowThis Future, a popular social news source, and viewed over 990K times. Other publications like Yahoo, Amazon, and  UNILAD Tech also picked up stories about Obi, sharing our video across social media and introducing our robotic companion to new audiences. Although it’s been years in the making, the last few months have been quite an exciting adventure – and we’re happy to be able to share our journey with even more people that could benefit from our device. We’re hoping this is just the beginning – and we promise to keep you updated on all other exciting developments. Make sure to follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter– and don’t forget to share this article with someone who you think would love to learn more about Obi too!


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